I had the pleasure of participating in Community Manager Appreciation Day yesterday, and got to join an AMAZING panel of people making the world a better place. Ever wonder how nonprofits raise money successfully without CONSTANTLY asking you for money? It’s the inspirational stories and moments that matter - the use of social media/the Web that makes that potential donor feel connected to you and your organization. Watch the recorded Social Media for Social Good Google+ Hangout by clicking here.

I’ve been there before myself: $50 in my checking account and a really, really moving Kickstarter campaign that I could donate to. What makes the difference? Knowing that that extra $10 that pushes the effort past another milestone will really change someone’s life. Let your donors know where those dollars are going! Here at PBS, donations lead to better quality educational programming for families, and to community outreach efforts in Englewood that among other goals, promote literacy and spread the word about reducing gun violence in Chicago. Financial contributions also keep a staff of pretty inspiring people employed at the station.

During the #cmgrhangout, I also brought up #HalftheSky. Aside from my work at WYCC, this is something that is very close to my heart, and the campaign happens to use social media in an incredible way. I have become a community ambassador for this cause, which fights the good fight for women’s empowerment and gender equality worldwide, but there are also opportunities for advocates to become campus ambassadors, and to interact directly with the Half the Sky’s authors (Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn) and with gender equality champions worldwide, like Somaly Mam and Edna Adan. Visit the Half the Sky website by clicking here.

WYCC is hosting a salon screening of Half the Sky in an effort to engage other potential advocates and donors. Join us FOR FREE this Thursday, Jan. 31 at 5:30 p.m. at the Genesee Theatre. You can also visit the Half the Sky website to learn more about hosting your own screening and becoming a part of this incredibly crucial human rights movement.

Thank you THANK YOU to the people who made yesterday’s #CMAD possible - Tim McDonald, Sherrie Rhode, Jonathan Brewer, Laura Horak & the rest of the HootSuite team.

Send me an e-mail at info@wycc.org if you would like more information on My Community Manager, WYCC PBS Chicago and/or Half the Sky.

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